Personal Training

PACC offers Personal Fitness Training to assist you in achieving a new level of physical fitness and/or physical performance.

Physique/Health Improvement/Weight Loss:
These training sessions and packages are designed to be an integral part of an overall goal of health improvement through exercise including cardio and weight training.

Physical Performance/Sports Specific:
These training sessions and packages are designed to enhance performance as an athlete in a particular sport or sports. Weight training and other exercises are included. 

Fee Structure:
One session - Adults: Regular Adult Price-$43, PACC Member Adult Price-$35         
              Students: Regular Student Price-$41, PACC Member Student Price-$35

Bronze PACCage - Adults: Regular Adult Price-$205, PACC Member Adult Price-$165
(5 sessions)            Students: Regular Student Price-$195, PACC Member Student Price-$165

Silver PACCage - Adults: Regular Adult Price-$280, PACC Member Adult Price-$225
(7 sessions)        Students: Regular Student Price-$265, PACC Member Student Price-$225

Gold PACCage - Adults: Regular Adult Price-$380, PACC Member Adult Price-$300
(10 sessions)      Students: Regular Student Price-$360, PACC Member Student Price-$300

(All sessions within a package must be used within four months from initial date of package purchase).

Trainers: Pete Marjamaa and Bri Tuman