PACC 24/7 Questions and Answers                

Which areas of the building are accessible?
Accessible areas include the main lobby, main hallway, gym side locker rooms, upstairs cardio and weight equipment areas, aerobic room, as well as the walking track.

Which doors are accessible? 
Just the main entrance/front door is accessible as an entrance and exit. As you enter the entryway/vestibule, the entrance is the double doors to the left, one of which is labeled ‘entrance.’ Exiting will be out these same main entrance/exit doors. There are two other exits available in case of a building emergency (fire, etc.), and they are marked as fire exits: 1) past the racquetball courts (on the main floor) and exit to the left down the ramp (it exits on the south side near the loading ramp) and 2) on the opposite end of the walking track there is a door which exits to stairs and directly to a fire exit on the west side of the building. Neither door is to be used by patrons as an entrance/exit except in the case of an actual building emergency.

How does it work?
Current adult PACC members can purchase an access card or key fob for $15. Replacement cards/fobs are the same cost.

Does 24/7 access cost additional money?
There is no additional monthly fee (beyond membership dues and magnetic card/fob purchase) at this time.

Can I bring in my kids?
No. Access is limited to individuals 18 years and older who have been issued PACC fobs. Not even with direct supervision are any individuals under the age of 18 allowed in the PACC during fob-access/non-staffed hours.

Is it safe to be in the PACC with no staff on duty?
PACC has installed an extensive surveillance system which records occupied areas of the PACC as well as the area directly in front of the building as well as the north entrance. Additional parking lot lighting has also been installed. A video monitor is located just inside the front doorway and displays which areas of the building are being used. PACC also has two ‘call center buttons’ installed, one in the lobby and one next to the treadmills. Quite obviously, PACC customers still need to use their own sound judgment as to when they feel it is ‘safe’ to use the facility, just as they would if they were out and about at other places.

How about access on holidays and during inclement weather?
The facility is accessible most days. There will be several dates/events per year where PACC access during non-staffed hours is not available such as lock-ins, post proms, other rentals, and facility maintenance. PACC will attempt to post notices in advance of such events.

Snow removal: Please note that City of Perham’s snow removal equipment and crew, generally speaking, are in PACC’s parking lot between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. following a ‘plow-able’ accumulation. Again, it is hoped that customers will use their own sound judgment as to whether or not they can drive into and out of PACC’s parking lot following a snowfall if the lot happens to be unplowed. Also, sidewalks may not be cleared of recent snow during non-staffed hours.

Where do I go in case of severe weather?
The gym-side locker rooms are the safest accessible place in the building.

Can I purchase a 24/7 card/fob and not have a PACC membership?
Current PACC memberships are required for a person to be issued a 24/7 access card/fob. If your membership is stopped, your magnetic card/fob will be deactivated in PACC’s system.

Can I bring in a guest during non-staffed hours?
Only adult members who have valid 24/7 access are allowed to be in the PACC during non-staffed hours. The system will record the swiped admits which will be checked against the video surveillance log of entries. Those found abusing/sharing their access card will be subject to penalties ($35 per person per incident), loss of 24/7 access privileges, and their membership and card will be put on hold (without refund) until this obligation is cleared. If you are entering with a spouse/significant other and forget your card/fob, please note that any such (undocumented) admit will not count toward your monthly total for possible health insurance program credit. Again, the PACC-issued and activated card/fob is required.

What happens if my card/fob is lost or stolen?
Report it immediately (during regular staffed hours) to the PACC. We will immediately de-activate your card/fob, and you will be issued a new one for a fee of $15. You will be financially responsible for any unauthorized use of your card and/or damage caused by others accessing PACC via your card/fob while it is activated.

Is the front desk available during non-staffed hours?
No; it is not.

Did the pool hours change as a result of 24/7?
No; there is no additional access to the pool area as a result of 24/7, as pool area access is not allowed during non-staffed hours.

Whom do I contact if I find something broken or needing service at PACC while I am there during non-staffed hours?
There are two call center buttons to use in emergency situations such as but not necessarily limited to medical emergencies, fire, the smell of electrical fire, the smell of natural gas, a toilet overflowing, etc. The call center attendant will forward the urgent calls to the on-call PACC staff person. Note: If you find a piece of equipment that is in need of service, please leave a note in the maintenance request box which is located at the west end of the cardio/weight machine room.

What if my access has been denied?
You’ll need to contact us during staffed hours.

Did the rules and procedures for the facility/upstairs/locker rooms change?
No; for the safety of everyone and courtesy to others, all procedures/policies/rules must be followed during staffed and non-staffed hours. Those found in violation (reported by other members or employees/seen on our security cameras) are subject to disciplinary procedures including the possibility of the termination of your 24/7 access and/or membership without refund.

Can I access the coffee maker during non-staffed hours?
No; due to safety concerns the coffee maker is not accessible during non-staffed hours.  

Since there might not be anybody else in the building, can I bring in my own music/speakers to play while I’m working out, etc.?
As during other general access time, your own speaker system is not allowed. However, you are welcome to play and listen to your own device/music via headphones/ear buds.

Can adults remain in the building after staffed hours if they do not have an access card/fob?
No; only those adults with a valid/current PACC-issued card/fob can remain/be in PACC during non-staffed hours.

These policies are subject to revision.